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Traveling is still Challenging? – Transpeople


In the year 2020, we all speak about Rights to everyone and we almost got a halfway success in it by decriminalizing section 377 in the year 2018. Did we get everything we wanted, we all know the answer is No. Still fighting for so many rights. But still happy to get a partial victory over homosexuality but not in terms of the Trans person perspective, still we can see there are serious problems prevailing in Colleges, Jobs and even traveling due to the identity expression. Countries like India have given some concession to Trans-people but it is not a national law or rule, it has been followed by certain states inside the country. The same type of conditions prevail in well-progressed countries too (For Eg. The USA recently withdrew all its benefits against Transpeople and there are few places or countries totally Transphobic.


There are a few challenges that are faced exclusively by Transgenders(Transman & Transwomen) while traveling, these challenges have made many Trans people hate travel often.


For Transpeople safety is the topmost priority many Airport Authority Services in several countries including India and TSA(Transport Security Authority) in the USA has also mentioned the challenging part of traveling is body scanning or security checkpoint. The Scanner in several countries detects the person is male or female and a blue or pink button is pressed to know the exact gender of the person mentioned in the passport.  If the machine or the scanner detects any anomaly then a re-check is taken this again is a challenging and scary part for a trans person. 55% of trans people in the USA avoid traveling by flights due to these reasons and around  80% of Transpeople in India also faces the same issue but more than body scanner its the identity issues in the passport, many states are not ready to include an additional identity apart from Male and Female, this makes a serious problem for every transperson to travel. Due to unnecessary questions at the airport, many say that it is best to stay out of travel.


Another serious issue is that traveling with hormonal medicines and prescriptions. Many feel it as an additional burden when they wanted to travel for more than 10 or 15 days. The medicines that are prescribed are either the Transperson has to take daily or at least weekly ones or twice for regulating the hormones. As they have to carry all their injection supplies in one bag along with the doctor’s prescriptions for references in the Airport security check. Kindly go through the airline general rules for traveling with medications and needles. Check out this article to help you out and to get a clear idea of how the Security check is operating in India as there are no clear rules for trans people from the Airport Authority of India(AAI). To get additional information about every airline it is best to visit their concern website for a better answer as per your travel details.


Our country during its ancient times had many benefits for trans people. Due to changes that happened in the medieval period, we have changed everything and for more than 100 years we forgot our roots attached to our country due to that we have become one among the countries discriminating Transpeople. Transbill that was passed last year has not provided any benefits for Transpeople. Traveling within India or outside India always remember to understand the nature of law and people regarding Transpeople of that country, as there are still transphobic. Check out the top friendliest countries for Lgbtq+ to travel.   Try avoiding solo traveling unless you are comfortable about the place or country. Connect with your own peer groups to know well about the places and their benefits.

Above all these challenges the main challenge that Transpeople are facing is   “Gender change”. India has passed a bill last year but it was felt that it did not help transpeople’s rights, safety, and benefits.  Gender Identity has created a serious problem as it is the main process of identity which is used in  National cards, Passports, Driving License, etc.  Some states in India have a conditioned rule for transpeople’s identity, but other states are not following and are not ready to change the identity of the person, this is stopping the Transperson to live their dreams. Still, Transperson can travel to all the places taking into all these safety measures, understand what the law says when you travel to a specific country.

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