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Transgenderism – What is it?


Transgenderism as everyone thinks it is not an individual’s choice or lifestyle. Most transgender people don’t even know their conflict or confusion about themselves has a name. Scientists and Researchers have started referring to the term “Transgenderism as a common word for a person transitioning from stage to stage. Many people understand the suffering the person undergoes right from the transition period. Even though people understand at a general level still they don’t know what exactly a person goes through.

Recently researchers believe there are distinct stages a transgender person goes through. After “childhood”, the stages that researchers point out are “The Realization, Resigned Stage, Discovering the community and The Final Stage”. Understanding some details about the stages that trans person progress may open the difficulties that they undergo.


Most of the transgender’s kids’ life is total chaos and confusion. As they can’t understand why there are controversies when they try to behave like a girl or boy (boy behaving like a girl or a girl behaving like a boy). Most transgender kids were controlled, judged when they try to play with the opposite gender. After certain ages in the child’s life, they hear these words repeatedly “don’t do it ” or “don’t do it by any chance someone sees you doing it” may end up to a bad reputation. so totally these kids are either being controlled or judged by everyone from family to friends and from strangers. Still, the child can’t deny the feeling and fear they have inside of not showing their true self and fear of being judged. This makes the kids stay alone without enough friends to be isolated from many things make them question their own selves even if they know that they are not comfortable in that body. Many are stuck in the closet for a longer time due to this childhood dilemma without expressing their true feelings.


Having a dilemma throughout their childhood and with the fear of being judged by their own family and friends. Many trans kids suppress their feeling within themselves so this led many kids not to consider their feelings, so they take years to realize that there is nothing wrong with what they are thinking. Thanks to the Internet ” Google, YouTube, Social Media platforms all play an important role in every transperson’s life is it a “Trans man or Transwoman”. Many Magazines, Newspapers run stories of transgenderism frequently. Many trans people are openly getting support from various organizations to support their needs. Parents and friends are understanding about the difficulties the person goes through and they are supported by understanding their feelings. Unfortunately, the real understanding about the Transperson is not known to anyone and it is still a way too far to go. But a person can realize their feeling by seeking help.

By denying one’s own self without realizing who they are? are the most terrible concept of life and the people around them who make them not to understand who they are ? is that we are destroying the person’s life without them knowing it. Basically, the realization is that the conflict between your physical sex and your gender identity is not accepted by anyone, even those who are closest to you and you love. You must do as good a job as possible to hide your true self, with no exceptions. As long as your secret is maintained, you must lie to your loved ones. You can never tell the whole truth. Try to identify your true self by realizing what you want and what makes you happy


Once you realize that you belong to different-sex rather than the one assigned at birth, this is the fact you cannot deny your feelings of who you are? you can’t win this fight every time thinking that you are not who you think is completely going to make you feel bad, guilty, and depressed. So don’t fight it instead start accepting the fact after realizing your feelings.

There are many medical advanced in transitioning methods seek for Help and Guidance form the support group.


This is the final stage as the researchers say that this is the “becoming” of one’s true self of themselves. It is not completely the transpersons have to peel away his or her assigned sex at birth. Mentally try to overcome all the fear and judgment by others. Accept who you are always. Be honest to yourself. This process allows you to behave like the other sex as much as you wanted to be like that and definitely you can be the one. This stage may be a bit complicated because you identify the new self of yourself so it may be overwhelming or you may have fear of facing society. So to avoid this anxiety or panic it is better to enroll in the local transgender community to meet new people, share thoughts and ideas this can open doors to many vistas.

Remember it is not important that being a Transgender(man or woman)is that you have to undergo transition physically by changing your appearance or undergoing reassignment surgeries. Start changing your mindset of accepting yourself of who you are? Completely accept that your feelings are true and there is nothing wrong with what you think. Then slowly start taking steps in making your family and friends understand you & your feelings, in the end, it is your wish to go for surgery and change your appearance. If you do it or not you are the same person with the same love, care, attitudes, behavior as always.

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