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Physical & Mental Fitness in Lgbtq+ Culture


Everyone deserves the right to live the life they wanted to live that is healthier and happier. That is why it is so important for all human beings to concentrate on their health both Physical and Mental Health conditions. Here I am to discuss the pros of being healthy both physically & Mentally


Physical appearance plays an important role in everyone’s life, these physical health benefits I am not discussing it for Lgbtq+ community people. This is for everyone who wanted to have a healthier lifestyle, but mainly Lgbtq+ members have to take this seriously because it is said in a research survey the about 55% of Lgbtq+ people are not taking care of their physical health due to social pressure, discrimination, and judgment. Remember the most important part is that it is your life and you have to take up a responsibility to keep your life physically & mentally healthy. Take these tips to follow a regular routine

  1. Create a mindset to take up some exercises regularly – During tough times if you feel you cannot go out make it as a practice of doing at your own place and time
  2. Daily 30 minutes a day will boost your confidence within yourself
  3. Find your own passion to keep yourself fit, it could be running, climbing, cycling or walking, etc.

The benefits of doing these 30 minutes work out daily can improve the overall health of your body. I am listing some of the major benefits of doing physical activity

  • reduce your risk of a heart attack 
  • manage your weight better 
  • have a lower blood cholesterol level 
  • lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers 
  • have lower blood pressure 
  • have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of developing osteoporosis 
  • feel better with more energy,
  • a better mood and sleep better always keep us to be relaxed


Several studies have been found in keeping our minds(Conscious & Subconscious) healthy. “Sound Mind is the Sound Body” as the saying is said. The mind is the entrance to everything. Mental Health is so important to everyone in the society, yet it is very important for Lgbtq+ community people, due to various pressures from all the sides of the society, even though recently almost all the countries started accepting Lgbtq+ community members but still in countries like India we can see Lgbtq+ members getting depressed due to family and friends for not understanding them. Mental health is something that they have to take care of it to lead a hale and healthy lifestyle. I know there are many discrimination and stressful factors that occupy our minds be it with family or friends, but making yourself motivated to have a healthy life will see a positive change within you and in the surrounding environment.

So on this current scenario how can we keep our minds healthy? As per researchers and scientists, it is said that Brain has muscles like body so it is our responsibility to keep our brain active without exposing to the negative environment. So how to keep your Brain/Mind active the best practices are

  1. Daily Meditate for 15 minutes to calm your mind.
  2. Involve yourself in the exercises of any form to distract from the daily stress and worries.
  3. Proper sleep is required to have a healthy mindset.
  4. Try to involve in community activities that help you to interact with many other Lgbtq+ members.

These are a few ways to keep our Mental condition stable. These activities may increase our immunity and make us stay young, focused with clear thoughts and vision.

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