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LGBTQ+ Travel Tips


Everyone likes and loves traveling. Being a Gay,Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual or Queer traveling with your partner to other countries are different from the other travelers. Here are some of the tips and guidelines to all our Lgbtq+ Indian travelers.

When traveling to other places even it is an LGBTQ+ friendly country still it is important to understand certain travel guidelines to make ourselves prepared for every possible situation. Here are some helpful advice and tips for our travelers


  • Invest in a good guide book – many specialize in advice to LGBT travelers
  • online discussion forums, blogs, and LGBT media can also be good resources
  • check out the map on the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association’s website which highlights potentially dangerous regions and countries
  • your travel agent or tour operator might have an idea about the local LGBT scene, particularly in the more popular holiday destinations.
  • Check the websites of local and regional LGBT groups of other countries and connect with them to understand the situation over there



Before traveling take your time to understand the country and their culture, even though the country is mentioned as Lgbtq+ friendly still there may be certain places where Gay couples or Trans-people still feel a sense of discomfort from the local people of that country. So it is our responsibility to make sure that our rights of being in other countries are to adhere to their countries cultural values to avoid a feeling of discomfort for ourselves and even to the others. A list of cultural resources are available on the Global Divide on Homosexuality to understand the culture of every country


Kindly be aware of the Laws of your travel destination,as all the countries won’t be having the same laws,eventhough the country is friendly towards Lgbtq+ still you have to know about the important rights and laws such as

  • How friendly is the country in the present scenario? What are the rules for Lgbtq+ travelers in the country?
  •  How far same-sex relationship is acceptable in public such as holding hands or kissing?
  • Is same-sex marriage is legalized or not, if legalized what are the cultural laws imposed in the country?
  • If you are Transgender, take additional care regarding your Gender identity towards the country to which you are traveling, as few countries are comfortable with Homosexual people but still they are not comfortable with Trans members in their society.

    So kindly keep all these points before preparing for your travel.

LGBTQ+ Support Travel Company

The easiest method is to contact an Lgbtq+ support travel company both in India or else in the destination to get a full overview of the country, its rights, and laws. There are countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Barbados, and many other vacation spots that are considered to be a dangerous one for the Lgbtq+ travelers. It is always best to choose a friendly country to spend your holidays with your partner. you can check out Lgbtq+ friendly states in India to travel and List of Lgbtq+ friendly travel companies in India


I can understand what you are thinking, why should I bother about my dress when I am on a holiday, Yes you are right there is no need to worry about the dress code, but let us make it very simple here, we are traveling to another country that is so new to us. Maybe the laws are very friendly to Lgbtq+ people but still, the native citizens living in that country or in that place may not be accepting the ideas of seeing you wearing some dresses that are not followed in their culture. For example, take our country India, many are starting to accept homosexuality, Bisexuality, Trans, Asexuality or Queer people but that doesn’t include that our people are very comfortable seeing us going against our regular dresses. Let us face reality friends, all are humans and some tend to bully or make fun of others using the dress color combinations or even people comment on Gay or trans people casual attires. Never draw attention to others or giving the impression that you belong to the Gay or Trans group, this may lead to fighting or serious trouble. As the saying goes “When you are in Rome Be as a Roman”. So do good research on your fashions according to the country of travel.


Share all your travel details, the place you stay, the dates where you visit, your contact number – In general share your itenary with someone whom you trust a lot from your family or friends. As it may seem like a little new to everyone, but this the safest process when you go on for a vacation. Your loves ones will know the details about your travel and in case of emergency this may come handy.


Search for your local LGBTQ+ travel groups both in India & Internationally either in Facebook,Meetup or Whatsapp. Join with them and understand the travel plans and procedure , make new friends as in those groups some Lgbtq+ members would gone for some of the worlds destinations. Ask them about the country’s culture, safety procedures ,Laws etc and share them your idea too.

All these are a few important travel safety advice for all my LGBTQ+ friends. These are very common advice for Lgbtq+ travelers. You can also check out Safety travel and Guidelines for Transgender people. Safe travel for same-sex couples. As a Queer person should I be worried about traveling.

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