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Communication is a Key – Long Distance Relationship


Communication plays an important role in all parts of relationships be it a family,friends or your partner. Your communication is the key for all the relationship of yours to make it work or to break up. Communication has alwasy been a biggest player in relationship to mention specially romantic relationships need a understanding communication between the two people in general. In this Digital Era everything you get it in the tips of your finger with the help of Internet. Everything got changed. So as the way we find our relationships.

Some 40 years before it was very rare to love a person outside of the community or place or city because the biggest problem was communication. During those days letters were the greatest modes of communication for all the people who are in love. They either choose to love a person within their residential area or within a community or their college or offices, but in the last 10 to 15 years of the timeline, everything got changed as the Digital world has opened the world to globalization. With the help of Digital technology lot of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc and with discussion forums, online events, meetups, etc help people to connect with so many like-minded people to share their thoughts and ideas. Dating apps like “Mingle, Tinder, and many more changed the way of connecting with the loved ones. Many people fall in love, find their partner, not in their local city, community, state or place, they go for a long-distance relationship for example “I am in Australia and my partner is in India”, it is not easy for us to see each other face to face but we love each other once in 6 months we have a physical meet” or Both the person is from India but from different states that are referred as Long distance relationship or Both the persons fall in love in India from the same place but due to work or for study purpose they must have been separated by distance.


In these types of relationship to make it work communication is really important to understand about the person in a deeper level. Not only in Long distance relationship,communication is very important in romantic relationship as it involves lots of feelings and emotions. It is best to express or communicate your feelings to your partner. A strong communication with your partner will make your relationship stronger and healthier.


In Long distance relationship, everything is through communication, as there is not a frequent chance of meeting the person in person either your partner may be from a different state from your own country or your partner may be living in a different country, which means there is another constraint as time. we have to get along with the different time zones too in long-distance relationships. So proper communication is important as your partner won’t see you physically, your partner can’t see your body language when expressing so it is very important to have a proper verbal & written communication.


Communicating with emails, text, video calls can make relationship stronger/Adobe stock

Being in long distance relationship may be hard but make it easier by staying connected with your partner on a regular basis. Before starting your relationship explain clearly your preferences and listen to your partner’s preferences. Long distance relationship works only when both the people take an effort to keep their relationship alive.So discuss about all the possible ways of keeping in touch,what time you will be free or how are you both going to handle the situation. Communication is the only means to keep long distance relationship to work.


Freedom is everything-Respect and trust each other/ Adobe Stock

As said that communication is the key to any relationship neither that you have to text your partner every second nor talk to your partner for 8 to 9 hours daily. Understand both have equal responsibilities with your work, studies family and friends to attend and take care. Give their freedom, respect each other’s timings, make yourself understand, both of you are two individuals with different priorities and commitment.


It is best that according to both of your timings schedule a time to talk or to text or to face time each other to avoid disappointments by calling your partner in an unwanted time, situation, or circumstances. It is always good to send your partner a small text are they free or not if they did not call you at the scheduled timings. Practise it as a habit regularly

Talk Politely & Calmly

Always use polite tone when talking through phone or during video calls. Even when you are angry with your partner for some reason, calm yourself in the first place and talk to your partner. Use words that won’t hurt your partner. Allow them to say their situation or answer your question. Listen to their answers first before you come up with conclusions. staying away from each other is hard but communicating with hurtful or harsh words will make the situation worse.

Communicate Sensibly

Good and sensible communication will make you a good conversationalist and your partner will be interested to talk with you. Start your conversation with “How are you? & “How is your day” this light and caring words make a person feel better and make the conversation easier. Pick up sensible conversation always avoid talking about politics, celebrities, religion, etc as this conversation has two o more viewpoints your views won’t match with your partners’ views. These topics you can discuss when you both are together not in the long-distance relationship.

Big Decisions?

Texting or Whatsapp or any other form of messaging was introduced for just having a simple or friendly conversation but we have converted messaging as the main source of communication instead of talking. Keep text messages very short or it may lead to dangerous side effects in the relationship. if anything to be discussed urgently or seriously send your partner stating that “you need to talk to them” and ask their permission at what time you can call them to discuss. it may sound very formal but remember respect is important in a relationship, respecting time, respecting each other preferences, respecting each other interests. Try avoiding using long messages.


Long-distance is all about trusting each other in all the ways. Trust your partner, trust their words. If you feel that something is not going right as you wanted. Just talk to your partner discuss with them how you feel and both of you decide on how to proceed with this.


The way you communicate will be the end of your relationship, some may not understand. Talking Nothing(no proper communication) or talking too much without understanding will lead to the downfall of any relationship not only for long-distance relationships but for all romantic relationships, but how? Let us see

Usage of Harsh & Inappropriate words

Your words are the biggest enemy sometimes, be conscious with the usage of words. When you are angry you spill out words that you don’t want to say that leads to the end of the relationship. Being in a long-distance relationship is really hectic but that should not make yourself lose your temper and use harsh or inappropriate words that hurt your partner.

Your Tone & Accent

You may use the same tone and accent throughout your life but in long-distance relationships you talk through phone, your partner won’t be knowing if you are mocking or complimenting or criticizing them. This leads to arguments, hurtings and may result in breaking up. Check your tone and accent always when starting to talk. Always use medium tone and accent there are differences in tone that may be raised when we are hurt, angry, or while arguing.

Avoid Arguments

The phone conversation is not for arguing. Arguments lead to frustration which leads to bad experiences and in the end result in a breakup. Keep your conversation very simple, lovable, humorous. All bigger discussions have it in video calls.

No to Messaging

Messaging may be the easiest and simple, but it is the most dangerous in a relationship. You may have sent the message in good intension but understanding the message is depending on your partner and their situation for example “I wish I could be there with you now, as you are with your friends”-this is a simple message stating the partner is missing their lover. This can also be misinterpreted as “I do not like you being with your friends as I should be there with you” the way the messages are taken is what makes everything right or wrong. so keep messages sweet and simple.

Long-distance relationships may not be easy but when you try to understand each other, respect each other, listen to each other feelings and interest then no relationship is harder.

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