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Life is Full of Colors

A Tamil Podcast exclusive for the LGBTQA+ community to build an amazing understanding of the community and their progress in society. Listen to our podcast on anchor, Spotify, and Google. Read our other

History of Homosexuality – Europe

History of Homosexuality in Europe got its real freedom and awareness of Homosexuality and other Queer Movements started after the First World War. A New World with strong beliefs and freedom has reached an apogee after the collapse of

Do you Know?

Most have heard by this time or seen the acronym LGBT and are aware it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (Some mistakenly believe the “T” is for “Transexual," a word that is considered offensive). The Q, I, and A additions are

Staying Committed in Relationships

Without having sufficient role models in past generations, LGBT couples have learned to develop and deepen our relationship. Often many couples have to figure out how they wanted to be referred to each other ("a lover or partner?")and then

Transgenderism – What is it?

Transgenderism as everyone thinks it is not an individual’s choice or lifestyle. Most transgender people don’t even know their conflict or confusion about themselves has a name. Scientists and Researchers have started referring

Understanding Bisexuals – Take a Look

Bisexuality? An individual who has an attraction towards both men and women is referred to as bisexual or it is mentioned as bisexuality. When understanding about bisexuality many individuals think how is it possible to be attracted

Sex Vs Gender Vs Sexuality

It is a long-standing confusion when understanding Sex and Gender, in the recent years as many identities and preferences are visible, many people still do not understand the basic and the most common differences between Sex, Gender, and…

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