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Are Sexual orientation Labels Really Necessary?


Are Sexual Orientation Labels Really Necessary? What is your answer to this? Humans are Humans isn’t? then why do we need to label every human being? Right from the ancient times, the society was divided into two labels ‘Male’ & ‘ Female’ not only with humans, but the same system was also followed by animals. The Scientists and Researchers divided the animals as ‘Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, etc it all based on the living, eating, and reproductive habits but generally speaking they all termed as Animals. The principle was followed for Male and Female depending upon the physical appearance, mental abilities, attitudes, behaviors, etc. But why should we divide everyone in this world?

Why ?

Let us think then why this labeling is important, it is a reasonable question. When you say fruits, in general, it represents all the fruits but when we segregate Fruits as ‘Apples’,’Oranges’,’Grapes’ we understand that every fruit has a different taste and texture. In a similar way, Gender and Sexuality labels provide us a piece of significant information about the person in a broader way for our understanding, when someone says they like ‘yellow’, they are scared of Snakes, they like dancing it is like that. Then why is it that so much important? It is because sexuality provides broader information about the sexual preferences about the person’s likes and dislikes and not for differentiating them from others.

So Labeling is Good or Bad?

It seems to be the hardest question that has ever asked. From a general perspective if we consider labeling do provide wider options for us in understanding the person but it is considered to be the most form dangerous mental disturbances according to the Therapist and Psychologist. Let us see how Good and bad it is.

How Good ?

Labels can make us say who exactly we are by providing the entire information about ourselves to others

If we are open to take the feedback from everyone to understand ourselves better labels can be good.

It can be so good to accept ourselves under certain preferences. Gender and Sexuality labels can avoid pure confusions in the relationships.

Presenting it to people about ourselves with all the required answers is what the label provides.

Make us be a part of a certain group or community trying to find out like-minded people and make a true connection.

Labeling a person should be a constructive path of making the person better not to be judgemental.

How Bad?

Labeling a person can lead to bullying them using their Gender or sexual orientation.

Mental stress and depression because of judgments and discriminations by labeling.

Gender or Sexual orientation doesn’t define the person’s character or attitude or behavior it is their preferences in relationships. But society sees it as a bigger form of the taboo by labeling the person by their sexual preferences.

These types of judgments through labeling can cause a person to commit suicide.

In recent times there are “Infinite Identities” are seen in the younger generations and every individual has their own preferences, Gender types, roles, sexual orientation, there is nothing right or wrong in labeling oneself for making them understand their preferences and to make understand others but the society sees it in a different perspective by destructing the life of an individual. So if you are using a label or not but use it with care. It is a very sensitive issue for many individuals. They may get offended to what you say.

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