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10 Successful Habits on Dating


Planning on Dating? then this article helps you in cultivating 10 successful habits you must follow when you are planning to date anyone be it of any gender, any orientation. Love is Love for everyone. So these tips are common to all Humans belonging to our planet. So let us start with Dating.

What is Dating?

Many have different versions of Dating in today’s digital world but the general meaning of dating is that “is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.” as per Wikipedia. We will discuss a little more about Dating and its types later in other articles. To make dating go successfully every single person has to adapt these successful habits.


While dating focus your attention on your date and make them feel that they are the important person and they are special. Let us accept it,everyone needs to be admired, focus,listened or may be sometimes even shower all our attention on them, it is true everyone loves that. So make it a habit of focusing on your date by listening and understanding every single information about them.


The most important part of dating is that be honest and true to yourself as well as for your date. Do not exaggerate or boost yourself. Understand when and where you have to mention your credentials, success, etc. Make your date feel comfortable at home so that they won’t be pressurized to impress or lie to you. It is not important to say your secrets in the first meet but you can say about your strength and weakness without any fake descriptions.


The biggest mistake that everyone does during their Dating is that talking about their past relationship, how they got broke up? or how they treated ?etc. This is not a right time to talk about past & completed relationships. This time is for trying to understand each there in the present. so say big no to past relationship conversations.


“Handle them with a Care”, remember this is a Date be it a first or Second or the 100th Date . It is always a special occasion for both and it is an extra time to know about each other. It has been Psychological said that no person is able to understand their partner completely. Accept it all are humans feelings,emotions all changes as per time,situations and environment so every time you go on for a date with a same person or a different person treat them with care show them how much special they are . Learn new things from them. Listen to what they say. This works on both the sides to make a relationship work.


“Honesty is the Best Policy” we all know that, but still many of us lie about ourselves like who we are? what do we like? our strengths, our values, our policies, and our commitments. Do not lie to your partner about any of these. Be honest about what you think of a relationship or are you ready for a serious commitment? what are you looking for? be clear and honest in everything. So it is easy for both parties to understand what each of you wants or needs. Thinking of compromising now or thinking of adjusting in certain areas will make the entire relationship complicated.


You may be wondering why should I prepare for a Date? It is not an interview. Yes you are right it is not an interview but it is similar to interview . You prepare everything for our interview knowing from the company their mission, vision, the board of directors everything. Why do want to prepare all these questions? Isn’t it enough for you to prepare only your area of interest? Understanding about the company and its policies makes the interviewer understand how much you took interest in the company that is offering you a job. It is the same when you are on a Date to know about that person, understand what they like, whats their interest. Find out if there is any common interest you have with them. Prepare what you are going to talk about for the whole Date thing. Prepare how to make the conversion easy and great.


If you are going on for a first date or a 100th date the rules are pretty simple and same. If you are good Listener you become a good communicator and you get a skill of understanding the person in a better way. Always understand the Ethics of conversation. No arguments, any unhealthy arguments is going to damage the entire idea of Dating. keep your conversation very simple and light always . Take time and listen to what they say, do not interrupt in the middle. Once they finish their statement. Now it is your time communicate properly. So to make a good meaningful conversion Listening plays an a important part.


Make your Date a memorable one for both of you. Do not talk about politics, religion, or any other sensitive topics that may lead to a difference of opinion. Every time you go on for a date with the same person or a different person. Clearly move away from all these sensitive topics as both of you may have a lot of different opinions on it.


Everyone is a Genius in their own field of work or their domain. There is no difference in what work we do. All works required some sort of hard work, knowledge, commitment, dedication, practice, and experience. So never degrade the person or mock the person based on their work. Do not think that your profession is the highest and the other professions are not that useful. Respect for each other choices. it is even better if you try to understand your partner’s profession and their future plan or their dreams. Remember everyone has their own dreams.


We all have a tendency to share our opinions and suggestions on others. It is not the best practice in any relationship. Remember always nobody wants your opinion or suggestions unless you have asked to be given. The person shares their ideas with you not to get your opinion it is just information. So do not give any opinions or suggestions as well as no judgment.

Follow these Dating tips and have a memorable dating experience. Always remember to be safe while you are on a date. Make sure that you know the person well before accepting on for a date. Do not rush into a date immediately take at least a month to know the person and accept the date.

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