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Staying Committed in Relationships


Without having sufficient role models in past generations, LGBT couples have learned to develop and deepen our relationship. Often many couples have to figure out how they wanted to be referred to each other (“a lover or partner?”)and then we make a commitment it can be legal or not. Try having the conversation with your partner regarding referring them as your husband, spouse, wife. Every couple has their fair share of a positive and negative part of the relationships. LGBTQ couples also face the same issues of fighting getting into arguments and many other issues that every other couple faces. Staying committed in a relationship with all the social influences and environmental factors is the main struggle for every LGBTQ+ couple. There are many ways that can make your relationships stronger with high commitment.


For some, romances are so personal to them they don’t like sharing it with the outside world as many are judgmental, so sharing some good news with others may feel like a no big deal for them. Then there are others they may feel that they have to share all the news in social media and to the outer world. You can be in any of the categories but definitely there comes the time to introduce your new sweetheart to your close friends and family. So there comes the confusion of how are you going to come out as a couple? This has to be planned by both of you in choosing the exact words that you wanted to use when coming out, should you announce it in the social media? Discuss these issues with your partner to have a clear idea of what their and your needs and wants.


As we enter into a romantic relationship deeply, it is natural for some of us to spend more time with their boyfriend or girlfriend, because of this they either neglect or ignores their friends or they may spend less time with them. Always remember what the impact it will cause in your friend’s life and what harm it will make it to your friendships?. Many who are friends with Lgbtq+ people have complained this a lot stating that the minute their friend sees their boyfriend or girlfriend they hardly have time to spend it with them. Some even rant the whole days about their lover and their love life with their friends.

If you are this type of person it is better you acknowledge the situations, ask your friends for forgiveness and make them understand that you still care for them. Plan weekly outings with your friends, meet your friends either weekly or 2 or 3 days once depending upon the situation. Talk to them over a call or facetime your friends show them you still care about them.


Being in a committed relationship is also meaning that both have to meet their parents , so meeting your parents for the first time to introduce your partner its may be stressful,especially if the folks are uncomfortable with their children being a gay or trans then this meeting should be planned well ahead with your partner. Try out these tips too if it works out for you

Plan the meet ahead of time: Planning alone doesn’t help, try and understand from your partner about his or her family members and how you should act or react, what your partner’s folks are comfortable with. Try as much information to make it comfortable for everyone.

Get a small gift as a token of love and friendship: No matter what sexual orientation you are it doesn’t matter really when you plan to meet your partner’s parents try to get a small gift as a token of love and friendship or else ask your partner what his or her parent’s taste and interest. It will be a good gesture as well as make you feel comfortable around them.

Getting in to a committed relationship brings in all the happiness and responsibility too. Instead of trying it to figure the way to handle it, better its good to share your thoughts, feelings with your partner and both decide on this. This makes the relationship stronger and a deeper bondage is developed.

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